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Hand Made Energy candles

Each Candle is programmed and infused with One or more Energy Crystals.... You may select one of our Pre-made Candles or create your own personal blend of crystals color scent and intention.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years by healers spiritualist and gem enthusiasts for there Healing power, spirit amplifying abilities and there shear Beauty! From this Earths mountains, grounds and country's world wide many religious and medical practices believe in the power of crystals.. for they have been here long before us and have there own story's and strengths they our living and growing just like You and I.. they are connected to this earth in ways more powerful then we will ever truly understand!

Starting From $15

We offer a wide variety of Incense, Candles, Crystals and Jewelry to please just about everyone

About Hocus Pocus
Our store is family owned and operated
I have been working with spiritual energy for 10 years now and I believe we can find peace direction & healing  using color & Crystal therapy as well as journal counseling.